Alkaline batteries
Power in action

The spot was directed by Tomek Bagiński, and its realization was entrusted to FilmProdukcja studio. 3D animation and composition was done by Platige Image.

Companies are usually glad if they can prove competitive superiority of their products. Sometimes, however, when the difference between classes is enormous, the message has to be especially credible in order to dispel the customers’ doubts.

Most of Duracell’s advertising campaigns have been created for developed markets with a large penetration of alkaline batteries. However, it turned out that in countries where zinc batteries still have advantage, an alternative advertising approach is needed.

Adwertajzing’s task was to create a campaign which in a straightforward manner would show the differences in the operating time between a Duracell battery and the most popular rival batteries in the given country. This task was accomplished in a way that differed from standard Duracell advertisements.

This time, the plot was transferred to the human world. Besides animated characters, real children took part in the spot, and their play is an analogy with the competition between the rabbits.

Having watched the spot, the viewer perfectly well knows the difference between 20 minutes of play provided by ordinary zinc batteries, and 200 minutes assured by Duracell batteries.

The “Power in action” advertising spot aptly joins the energy of a car race, proper to the brand, and a strongly rational message about the operating time of the battery.

The campaign was supplemented with POS materials, created on the basis of computer-generated Duracell Bunnies.

The campaign created by Adwertajzing was adapted by Red Works (Ogilvy) for the following countries: Turkey, Ukraine, the Arabian Peninsula, South, East, and West Africa, the Middle East, Morocco, the Balkans, the Caucasus Region, and the Czech Republic.