"Crisis": the word itself makes us feel scared, especially when it does not leave the headlines and appears everywhere. However, history shows that it was precisely crisis that was the basis for success for today’s many powerful companies.

“Don’t let the crisis block your profits” campaign, prepared by Adwertajzing for a consulting firm Marketplanet, was launched at the end of January 2009.

The aim of the campaign was quite perverse: when Polish businessmen shudder at the thought of the effects of the economic crisis, Marketplanet says: “Crisis doesn’t make you exempt from profit”.

The aim of a several-stage communication was to change negative emotions accompanying the crisis into a sense of an opportunity, to persuade boards of large companies that the crisis can be their chance to strengthen the firm’s position.
The first stage of the campaign was aimed at breaking through the information noise and attracting media attention. Adwertajzing used teaser advertisements (e.g. “Cut costs before they cut you out”) which appeared in such magazines and newspapers as Polityka, Parkiet, Puls Biznesu, and on billboards. This was parallel to the launch of Marketplanet special website on crisis prevention.

The forum “We change Polish industry” and a strong presence of Marketplanet in the media was a powerful introduction of the second stage of the campaign. There were also press advertisements, this time conveying a positive message (“Crisis can be profitable”). This stage comprised also banners, sponsored links, and programmes in Radio PIN.

The third stage of the campaign was aimed at changing the consciousness of “crisis as an opportunity” already lodged in the target group into a specific action, namely entering into cooperation with Marketplanet. This was done by means of advertisements in professional business press, direct marketing, etc.