Blue II Excell Maximum
Piotr's day

The production was realized in cooperation with ITI Film Studio; Platige Image did the 3D animation; the sound was done by Genetix studio. The spot was directed by Tomasz Olencki.

The aim of the campaign was to persuade the prospective users that the new shaver Gillette Blue II Excell would make them feel better throughout the whole day: how you look affects how you feel.

The spot “Piotr’s day” was to be the first Polish testimonial in the history of advertising of Gillette brand. This required adapting the hero of the spot to an “Eastern European” characterization. The American original: virile, dynamic, winner, works great in advertisements showing celebrities, but transformed into the “polish neighbour” it would seem unnatural and pretentious. The advertisement was so effective that it was broadcast for 2 years in over a dozen countries. In the meantime, it was adapted to a new type of shaver.

The realization of the spot required creating the demonstration of the product, which was achieved by means of computer graphics.

The television advertisement was supplemented by designing POS materials.