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Music Promotion

What would be your dream travel destination? The Maldives? Seychelles? Sydney? Or maybe Uzbekistan? And music? What concert would you like to go to? Metallica? The Rolling Stones? Bruce Springsteen?

When the Polish branch of Procter & Gamble asked us to work out a conception of a music promotion for Duracell, we started thinking how to join an urge to travel to a specific destination and individual musical tastes of the consumers.

The promotion logistics developed by Adwertajzing was based on placing on the website a list of several dozen concerts which would take place in several hundred cities. The winner had the right to choose any concert in any city. In order to additionally encourage potential participants, the concert list was regularly updated during the promotion.

The logistics of the project was not very easy, but the obtained results met the expectations of Procter & Gamble to such an extent that the promotion was repeated in 2008, this time for a country from the Balkan region.